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We specialize in filtration, separation, gas generation, instrumentation, and safety products serving a wide range of industries from manufacturing to transportation; from life sciences to food and beverage.


Only the Best

Webster Associates is here to offer you the best service possible whenever you need it. Our expert team of engineers works closely with our customers to make sure we’re helping them make the right decisions.


We’re focused on getting you the best filtration products and services to provide maximum efficiency for your systems while lowering your costs.


With an in-depth knowledge of the industry and the latest filtration technologies, our team can help protect your investments


Using cutting-edge technology, process improvements, timely delivery, and competitive pricing, we strive to satisfy our customers and exceed their expectations.


Defining Filtration

We specialize in filtration, separation, gas generation, instrumentation, and safety products serving a wide range of industries from manufacturing to transportation; from life sciences to food and beverage.

Liquid filtration

Liquid Filtration

Experts in filter sizing and compatibilities for all liquid process applications including corrosive and caustic solutions. We offer:

  • Bag Filters
  • Membrane Filter Cartridges
  • Depth Filter Cartridges
  • RO Systems
  • Metallic Filter Cartridges
  • Lenticular Filters
  • Resin Bonded Cartridges
  • Melt Blow Cartridges
  • Adsorbent Cartridges
  • Disposable Filter Capsules
  • RO Systems
  • Filter Presses
  • Air and Gas Filtration

    Air and Gas Filtration

    We have a full line of air filtration products and optimization programs to solve all your air and gas filtration needs. We can size filters for compressed air and gas systems including high pressure applications. We can optimize ambient air filtration for indoor and outdoor exhaust applications. We offer:

  • Pleated panel air filters from Merv 8 to Merv 13
  • HEPA Filters
  • Roll Media
  • Coalescing filters
  • USDA Approved Sterile Air Filters
  • Replacement filter elements
  • Carbon Filters
  • Steam Filtration
  • Oil Mist Eliminators
  • Dust Collection Cartridges
  • Air Intake Systems
  • Sterile Vent Filters
  • CNG Filters
  • Natural Gas Separators
  • High Pressure Filters

  • Compressed Air Systems

    Compressed Air Systems

    Webster can supply custom engineered compressed air systems for CDA (clean dry air) requirements including oil free compressors and state of the art dryers. We offer:

  • Oilless Compressors
  • Low Oil Carryover Compressors
  • Refrigerated Air Dryers
  • Desiccant Air Dryers
  • Membrane Air Dryers
  • Scroll Compressors
  • Enclosed low dB(A) compressors
  • Custom Designed Skids
  • Filter Vessels and Skids

    Filter Vessels and Skids

    We offer complete filter sizing and pressure drop calculations for all your filter vessel requirements including custom designed ASME code and non-code filter applications. We offer:

  • ASME Code vessels
  • Cartridge Vessels
  • Bag Vessels
  • Complete Skid Systems
  • Sanitary Vessels
  • High Pressure Housings
  • Exotic Metal Capabilities
  • Electropolished High Purity Vessels
  • SS and Carbon Steel Vessels
  • Hydraulic Contamination

    Hydraulic Contamination

    Our preventative maintenance and sampling program offers sample analysis to keep your hydraulic systems operating at their optimal performance protecting your valuable investments. We cand do a complete lab analysis to measure your ISO Particle count, MPC, total acid number (TAN), water contents, and ICP analysis. We offer:

    • Upgraded Filter Elements
    • Vacuum Dehydration Systems
    • High Pressure Hydraulic Housings
    • Varnish Removal Skids
    • Mobile Filtration Systems
    • Reservoir Accessories
    • Filter Carts
    • Diesel COD Skids
    • Rental Skids


    Gas Generation & Purification

    We provide a full range of gas generation equipment for laboratory and process applications to reduce costs, eliminate dangerous costly gas cylinders, and replace bulk gas delivery systems. We offer

  • PSA N2 Generators
  • Membrane N2 Generators
  • Hydrogen Generators
  • FID Makeup Gas Generators
  • Trid Gas LCMS Gas Generators
  • FTIR Purge Gas Generators
  • Zero Air Generators
  • TOC Gas Generators
  • CDA Systems
  • Instrumentation

    Instrumentation & Controls

    We offer a full line of pressure regulators, gas flow control systems, manifold gas supply systems, flow controllers, process temperature control equipment, auto shut off flow switches

  • Cylinder Gas Regulators
  • Electronic Proportional Control Valves
  • Digital Temperature Controllers
  • High Purity Regulators
  • Roto Meters
  • Mass Flow Controllers
  • Flow Switches
  • Regulating Heat Cable
  • Needle and Diaphragm Valves
  • before-after

    Safe Chemical Solutions

    Webster stocks a full line of safe biodegradable descalers for cooling towers and heat exchangers along with other along with safe specialty commercial chemical cleaners

    • Biodegradable Rydlyme Descaler
    • Coil Cleaner
    • Degreaser
    • Deodorizing Cleaner
    • Odor Eliminator
    • Water Optimizer
    • Descaling Pump Systems


    OSHA Approved Platforms and Safety Equipment

    We have a complete stock of pref fab modular stair, platform, and gate configurations to eliminate custom fabrication for all of your scaffold, stair railing and work platform needs. We can completely configure a system that can ship from inventory and be assembled on site

    • Adjustable 16”-36” OSHA Approved Safety Gates
    • Complete OSHA Crossovers
    • Access platforms
    • Handrails and Platforms
    • Portable stairs
    • Access Stairs



    We supply Single-Use systems to the Life Sciences market to deliver optimized fluid handling for the Biopharmaceutical industry offering unprecedented fluid integrity performance.

    • Single use bags
    • Fluid path assemblies
    • 2D and 3D configurations
    • Customized tubing assemblies
    • Single use fluid path assemblies
    • PVDF based biocontainers
    • PE based Bioconainers

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